My name is Maria Herrera
Contemporary Artist and Art Instructor

Maria  presents her creations; these include acrylic and oil paintings as well as mixed media and techniques not often used by artists.  Maria was asked why do you paint?  She stated, "It is something that is birthded from within me (pointing to her stomach) it's a yearning passion I cannot controll, for years I suppressed it by doing many other things.  I cannot contain it any longer it's like a volcanic erruption with all that I am and the strength God gives me it is just comming out of me... I love to paint" and I want to inspire others to do the same.


Develop your artistic potential art training classes throughout the year(weather permitting) . Your first session starts the day you arrive to your first class. If you are a beginner, you can register for a session and get started on your new life as an artist. Making your dreams a reality faster than you thought possible. With the revolutionary direct-to-the-right-brain teaching method you will be painting and drawing before the end of your first month.  Maria invites you to her home studio located in Bowie Maryland. 


By teaching your mind to see, we help you develop your own voice without having to copy the style of painting of any other artists.  The right brain style of teaching programs provide accelerated artistic development – from the fundamentals of art to professional level in ONE year. Advanced students will gain confidence and a new level of freedom, joy and authentic self-realization. You will experience rapid artistic transformation. To give one on one personalized instruction our classes are small and they run full. It is recommended that you register in advance or secure your spot. 

Even though our classes are project-based what makes the class different is that, students can choose their own subject and pace, taking full advantage of the individual coaching in a small group environment. Providing assistance with any technique requested, including techniques unrelated to the current project. Art training includes evaluation of your skills in drawing or painting, and gradually will help you achieve a higher level of art mastery.

“Teaching of art is teaching of all things,” said John Ruskin, and that’s how we teach art – as a science. Art taught this way will expand your mind and broaden your vision.